Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Katherine Jefferts Schori on "Christians"

I just read a disturbing interview with the newly invested primate of the Episcopal Church USA. Schori is asked about Pope Benedict's passing comment on Islamic violence. Her comment is telling. In speaking about Christians, she uses the word "they."

Did you catch that. Not "we" but "they." The head of one of the most powerful (at least in terms of money and prestige) mainline Christian denominations thinks of Christians as "they." And I thought the whole point of being a bishop was accepting succession from the apostles so that "they" becomes "we."

Just ghastly....


SocietyVs said...

Hi Chris, seen you on John's blog a few times and I like the comments you have brought forth - so I figured I'd peruse the site and interact.

I like what you are saying here about the 'us and them' mentality - something I have blogged about a few times and question on the basis of responsibility. I figure we are all Christians and real responsibility means dealing with the good and the bad of the issues of the faith (from history even) - but I think, like you, that we are from that same lineage (spiritually speaking in a sense) of the apostles and that kind of unites us. We should all be working together.

Chris said...

While I would agree that the 'us and them' mentality, I would also caution that it can be falsely used and truly used.

The whole point I was making was that Schori sees herself outside of the historic mainstream of Christianity. I would agree with her on that - she is outside.

Thanks for popping by!