Thursday, May 01, 2008

Why We Need to Stay in Iraq

I hate war. I hate senseless killing.

I believe - on the basis of demonstrated 20th century history - that an American withdrawal from Iraq will only result in more war and more senseless killing.

Frankly, the question of whether or not we should have been there in the first place is still unsettled for me. But I have no questions about our continued presence. If you have doubts about it, start by reading Arthur Herman's article on the aftermath of withdrawal from Vietnam.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meet the Robinsons

Vicky "Mean Gene" Robinson, the non-celibate sodomite Episcopal prelate of New Hampshire, is marrying his 20-yr lover in a June ceremony, shortly before the decennial Lambeth Conference. He claims that the date has nothing to do with offending the already alienated primates of 4/5ths of Anglicans worldwide. He says it's to provide protections for his "spouse" and children. However, in his November 27th speech at Nova Southeastern University, he gives the real reason: "I always wanted to be a June bride."

Can anyone reasonably believe that this man thinks of anyone other than himself and his agenda in these decisions? Even if we were to grant that homosex is biblically permissible (even for a bishop), what about his divorce and his alcoholism?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Planned Parenthood promotes racism and rape

For years, allegations of racism and genocide among pro-aborts have been raised in sectors of the pro-life community. These allegations are normally dismissed as the rantings of crackpots, even when it comes in the form of well-reasoned and documented arguments. But a recent string of student-led investigations have started to reverse that trend. See Michelle Malkin's coverage of undercover sting on Planned Parenthood abortion mills. Apparently, Planned Parenthood is ecstatic to get your money in order to kill black babies. And it's about time black leaders (especially church leaders) stood up and spoke out!

By the way, Planned Parenthood also loves to cover up statutory rape. Maybe one day a loving, woman-affirming PP representative will ask your 15 year old daughter to "Figure out a birthday that works." That doesn't sound very feminist to me.

If you're interested in protecting the rights of women and minorities, start by protecting the fetus (roughly half of which are XX and is disproportionately applied to minorities). Because abortion is murder.

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PS: in case you missed the Yale art student kerfluffle....