Thursday, July 02, 2009

No Cat Stabbing in Church

A therapeutic cat was stabbed in a Vancouver church. He was, of course, brought up on charges and plead guilty to animal cruelty.

The judge's report said that back-stabbing (especially of the pastor) is still allowable under state law.

h/t Naked Pastor for graphic

Molly Sugden passes on

I'll always have a place for this lady in my heart. PBS played Are You Being Served on Saturday nights, and it was an established feature of my adolescence. I love British comedy, and this lady was one of its Dames.

Telegraph's obit is the best. It let me know that she was also a contributor to Britain's war effort in driving back the Nazis.

You'll be missed!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Church Growth or Attendance?

I'm not saying "choose ye this day" or anything...but it's worth remembering what it is that is truly lovely - JESUS. Not our worship (whether liturgical or contemporary), not our outreach, not even the preaching. It's Jesus. And if he isn't on display - front and center - in our music, mission, and magisteria, the we have failed to lift him up, that he should draw all peoples to himself.

h/t Sacred Sandwhich

Why Should I Not Kill You?

Cruel Logic – short film from Brian Godawa on Vimeo.

Ray and Kirk are right...appeal to the conscience, and the facade of postmodern ethics crumbles.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Southern Baptist Seminary Library Hosts Book Burning

I'm friends with several of the library staff at SBTS. One of them let me know about a small fire there this morning. (Smoke damage, but thanks to God and two fire engines, not much else.)

Anyway, knowing the slant taken by my own seminary and the MSM (especially the local Louisville Courier-Journal), I thought the title would be used as a headline within the next 24 hours.

Canon Dr. Ken Bailey on the Prodigal Son

If you don't know who Ken Bailey is, you should. He is an excellent lecturer, but stays busy. You can catch him at Nashotah House this summer. (He's a Presbyterian minister, but has strong sympathies with orthodox Anglicans - such that Abp. Duncan made him a Canon Theologian for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.)

h/t Michael Kruse for letting me know this was on YouTube.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Show'em you're a tiger...or at least a cheetah

From the "folks, you just can't make this stuff up" department:
A local couple arrested on domestic assault charges Sunday had an unusual choice of alleged weaponry -- Cheetos™.
That must be why they advertise them as "dangerously cheesy." (Could that apply to my blog?)

I hear that you can get aggravated battery if you use the flamin' Cheetos™ flavor.
Warrants filed by Cpl. Kevin Roddy, of the Bedford County Sheriff's Department, stated he responded to a call at a home on Pass Road, where 40-year-old James Earl Taylor and Mary S. Childers, 44, were allegedly involved in an argument.
You can tell that they're a classy couple, too. If the use of a name-brand faux-cheeze puffed corn treat (Cheetos™) wasn't enough to convince you, surely the fact that she's retained her maiden name will attest to her refined character and generally being a forward-thinking, liberated lady. OR, maybe they're just common-law combatants.

On reflection, this one could go either way.
According to Roddy's report, the pair became "involved in a verbal altercation" with each other "at which time Cheetos potato chips were used in the assault."
I've worked with enough police officers to know that this last line was written specifically to make a desk captains completely lose his composure while going over the night's reports. But it presents a challenge to the state's case. As I said, Cheeetos™ are a puffed corn treat.

A savvy lawyer will pick this up and file for a dismissal based on sloppy police work and crime-scene investigation.
"There was evidence of the assault," the report read, "however no physical marks on either party and the primary aggressor was unable to be determined."
We asked Chester Cheetah™, but he plead the fifth.

Fortunately, Cheetos has offered to salve their marriage with yet another of their winning products.

Kiss and make up!

Oldest Icon of St Paul found

Above is a photo taken of the oldest known portrait of St. Paul.

The fresco, which dates back to the 4th Century AD, was discovered during restoration work at the Catacomb of Saint Thekla but was kept secret for ten days.

During that time experts carefully removed centuries of grime from the fresco with a laser, before the news was officially announced through the Vatican's official newspaper L'Osservatore Romano.

At the same time, tests on bones long venerated as those of St. Paul himself have been dated to the first century, lending credence to the tradition of 1900 years that they are indeed his mortal remains.

According to tradition, St. Paul, also known as the apostle of the Gentiles, was beheaded in Rome in the 1st century during the persecution of early Christians by Roman emperors. Popular belief holds that bone fragments from his head are in another Rome basilica, St. John Lateran, with his other remains inside the sarcophagus.

The pope said that when archaeologists opened the sarcophagus, they discovered alongside the bone fragments some grains of incense, a "precious" piece of purple linen with gold sequins and a blue fabric with linen filaments.

This comes at a propitious time as Roman Catholics around the world are celebrating the year of St. Paul.

St Paul wrote 14 letters to Churches which he founded or visited and tell Christians what they should believe and how they should live but do not say much about Jesus' life and teachings.

He was executed for his beliefs around AD 65 and is thought to have been beheaded, rather than crucified, because he was a Roman citizen.

According to Christian tradition, his body was buried in a vineyard by a Roman woman and a shrine grew up there before Emperor Constantine consecrated a basilica in 324 which is now St Paul Outside the Walls.

St Paul's Outside the Walls is located about two miles outside the ancient walls of Rome and is the largest church in the city after St Peter's.

Today is, of course, the Feast of Ss. Peter & Paul


Psalm 87
Ezekiel 34:11-16
2 Timothy 4:1-8
John 21:15-19

Prayer: Almighty God, whose blessed apostles Peter and Paul glorified you by their martyrdom: Grant that your Church, instructed by their teaching and example, and knit together in unity by your Spirit, may ever stand firm upon the one foundation, which is Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.