Tuesday, August 21, 2007

God's Warriors

My favorite "sinister minister" recently drew his reader's attention to the insanity of the Christofascist theocrats behind BattleCry. I sniffed a little bias, so I took a look at Amanpour's CNN docuganda called God's Warriors and I have to admit, I can think of nothing more vital than pointing out the dangers of those Christian wack-job evangelicals.

I mean...those crazy theocrats at BattleCry are pointing people to Jesus' command to love your enemies (and they even reference John Calvin!). Along with my colleague, I think all Christian leaders should be pointing out this thuggish behavior of "speaking out" and "praying" and "voting" so that we don't become a DEMONocracy under their oppressive strain.

And can you believe the nerve of that Amanpour woman...She actually wastes our time referencing murders by Jews in Hebron and throat-slitting Muslims in the Netherlands, but not doing the hard work of turning up a single Evangelical act of violence? I mean...Christofascism is the greatest threat to humanity. Surely there's got to be more than trying to keep kids out of drugs, pornography, and pre-marital sex. After all...the show is promoted as an examination of how religious fundamentalists are the cause of violence in our political and cultural systems.

I demand of CNN a recount. They need to retract any negative portrayals of Judaism and Islam and focus solely on the dangers of those Christians who are hell-bent on equipping their children to articulate a Biblicist worldview (which we all know is just a pretext to further violence).

Talk about biased reporting!