Thursday, June 28, 2007

Denver's Inconvenient Power-trip

Remember, gang:
Carbon Neutral Macht Frei!!!

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regressivepresby said...

Ok- I'm of two minds here,

Anything that will get 500k cars off the roads in Denver, I'd like to consider. We're from there, and Lord have mercy- the traffic is horrendous. Plus in the winter the pollution is terrible. So, part of me goes 'Yeah! Lets get more bikes on the road, fewer cars..'

But on the other hand, the heavy hand of gov't regulating and taxing you for electricity use, insurance- etc... is just not right. It'll never stop, and it will have bad unintended consequences.

on the third hand-- I also think the panic over global climate change is just ridiculous. I read something several months ago, likening the global climate change as gospel, and carbon credits as the new indulgences.

It'll be interesting...