Monday, November 05, 2007

Mad NOW Disease?

Make sure you pay attention to countries that have already given governmental approbation to the homosexual agenda of normalizing their practice. Great Britain has already bit the bullet, and you can see the effects in the latest Telegraph.


Doug Hagler said...

Hahahah...yeah Chris, I will, only if you promise to pay attention to countries which punish homosexual activity with anything near OT fervor. I'll give you a hint. They also generally brutally oppress women and religious minorities, and they lean a little toward the totalitarian side of the political spectrum. I'm sure they welcome your support for their position, though :)

All very scriptural I'm sure all the way around.

Chris said...


Again, your unfamiliarity with a Covenantal Worldview makes you think that fundamentalist Reformed Christians want to stone homosexuals, oppress women, and suppress dissent. This is a patently false slur, it is undemonstrable, and is disingenuous.

Unlike the "progressives", we recognize a difference between Islam and Christianity.