Thursday, January 24, 2008

Racism and Race Relations

Sorry about missing this.

The PCUSA designated January 20th as a day to focus on Race Relations. Fortunately, many PCUSA churches were focusing on atrocities committed against people of other races in the last 30 years (rather than becoming autoflagellants for the acts of our ancestors). Here's my suggested prayer to address the current crimes.
"God, I'm sorry for being quiet in the face of this wholesale slaughter of black babies. Forgive me for squandering resources of time, talent, and treasure on creating - then fighting - imagined slights. Forgive me for turning my hand towards the enabling of this unmitigated evil. Change my priorities so that their burden becomes mine to bear...not to legislate. For Christ's sake, we ask it. Amen."
I have a dream that one day black babies won't be killed at three times the rate of white babies. In fact, in my dream, they're all safe...not because of the color of their skin or the content of their character, but because of the image they bear.

BTW, if you want to meet some people who are carrying out the ministry of reconciliation among the races through reconciling ALL PEOPLES to the Triune God, go here. Carry on, my brothers & sisters!

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