Monday, August 18, 2008

Putting the Red In Blue State

It looks like Obama's chickens are coming home to roost.

Obama's campaign finally admits that his mentor Frank (referred to in Dreams From My Father) is none other than Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis.

Thanks, comrade!


Jim Jordan said...

The word "fringe" comes to mind. Dems adore left-wing radicals and give them too much credit. They wax nostalgic over past radicals' brave stands against what they feel were corrupt, right-wing governments. While the enemy is the same, they overlook the truth that what these guys are selling is a corruption of common sense.

Communism is a failure and any group associated with it will fail. Dems have to stop flirting with it. The beauty of it is that they keep bringing out these communist brown-nosers as their candidate, and they lose.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a more noticeable split in the Democratic party after this convention.

Chris said...


I wouldn't be surprised if there were a noticeable split at the convention!

Rachel Baker said...

It's funny that you bash Obama. I thought you would love his running mate, Joe Biden, since he supports the Zionist movement? Watch a video here where he admits that he is a Zionist.

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


Unlike you and most of the humanitarian regimes of the Middle East - ruled by the religion of peace - I have no problem with Israel existing and defending itself when needed.

Palestinians who are citizens of Israel (creeping up on 40% of the population) have more rights in Israel than in the countries surrounding those d**N dirty Jews.

Take your antisemite garbage elsewhere. As for Obama, I'll be steadily exposing him for the Marxist that he is in the coming weeks.

Rachel Baker said...

I don't appreciate being called anti-semite. The Jews could exist in peace over there if all the corrpt politicians were kicked out. Here is what zionism means today:

"In its current form Zionism seeks to dominate all of Palestine and the Middle East by means of violence and the threat of violence (using weapons manufactured and purchased with billions of dollars of "aid" supplied by the United States at taxpayer expense) and to maximize its influence in world affairs and in world history, principally by means of control of the government of the USA (primarily by blackmailing its many corrupt politicians), at the expense of the social wellbeing not only of the Palestinians but of the peoples of all lands." source

The only issue today is foreign policy. Do you or don't you support Biden/Obama's foreign policy?

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


I'll quit calling you an antisemite when you quit taking your cues from Holocaust Revisionist websites.

I like how on the webpage you reference, we see that the author thinks of God as "a particularly repulsive entity who, if he existed, would be quite unworthy of the devotion of anyone with a sense of justice and morality."

Damn straight. German idealism of this sort led directly to the theoretical (and theological) underpinnings of the Holocaust.

As for Obama and Biden's policy - they haven't worked together long enough to have a policy. But Obama's has, to date, been horrifying. I know you'd like laud and honor for him because he wants to chit-chat with Mahmoud "I WANNA NUKE ISRAEL AND RID THE WORLD OF JEWRY" Ahmadinejad - your favorite crackpot - but that's a losing policy. Just witness what happened when Carter went to talk to Hamas - they touted it as a sign of legitimacy for their violence against Israel.

Mahmoud the Madman will do the same. However, it would be treason for Obama et al. to meet with him, seeing that Iran is providing materiel and men to the insurgency in Iraq.

Rachel Baker said...

You said you voted for Ron Paul. Don't you know that he is against American Imperialism and it's current foreign policy of force and aggression? Don't you know that in his book he says quit sending money to Israel and quit subsidizing countries all together and quit going into unesscessary wars. Anyways, please don't respond, you really scare me. You say you are Chrisitan and you say you are a reverend, but you support U.S. foreign policy- million killed and dieing, homs devastated, droughts, food crisis, and wars all in the name of justice. Please, I will stay away from your blog. How long will people like you stay blinded? Can't you see we are living in times like when Christ was here. Christ went against the mainstream of society and politics in his day. Don't you think that people like Ron Paul could be telling the truth in our day?

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


I voted for Ron Paul in the primary because I agreed with many of his ideals - not necessarily his specific implementation. I don't see how anybody that followed his small-gov't ideals could in turn vote for gov't expanding / neo-Marxist Obama. Do you think Obama is going to "quit subsidizing countries all together"?

" support U.S. foreign policy- million killed and dieing[sic], homs[sic] devastated, droughts, food crisis, and wars all in the name of justice."

A) I do not unequivocally support current US foreign policy. Like you, I agree with some and disagree with others.

B) "million killed" etc - By whom? Where? Iraq?
Nearly all of the civilians who are being deliberately killed in Iraq are dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists, the same peace-loving group that brought you 9/11. If you are accusing our military officers of wide-scale murder, I suggest you start sourcing your data.

C) Droughts? US Foreign Policy can actually change the weather? QUICK!!! Call Al Gore and tell him he was right. America can legislate cloud cover! That's ridiculous out of hand.

D) Food crisis... There's plenty of food for the world - even given Western consumption. World hunger and starvation are caused by ineffective distribution of food - normally due to local corruption. Economic freedom (i.e. CAPITALISM) is the cure to political corruption. If you want to look for an American source of food shortage, just look to the anti-capitalist, Green-is-the-new-Red biofuels industry. We should expect that, because Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

E) How long will I stay blinded? You'll probably think I'm blind until just after you stop reading the anti-semite / nut-job conspiracy websites out there.

Rachel Baker said...

I support Ron Paul. I don't understand libertarians and free markets or monetary policy as much as I would like, but I believe RP has good intentions, so I trust him. I agree 100% with Ron Paul's foreign policy. That is why like you I am not voting for Obama in the elections. I'm not voting at all for that matter, unless I can write in Chuck Baldwin.

I start school tomorrow, and I'm much too busy to talk. But, I'm sure if we set here and dialogued all day we would probably come to many of the same conclusions.