Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin and the Prochoice Problem

It seems that an OBGYN in Canada is concerned about ArchVillainess... I mean, Republican VP Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin's decision to give birth to Trig, her youngest who also happens to have an extra chromosome. His concern is not about her ability to do the job, or the impact on the family. It's not even about Sarah or Trig's health and well-being.

He's concerned that such a prominent role being given to a woman in this situation might reduce abortions.

You just can't make some stuff up.*

Thankfully, some Canadians actually think it's not so bad an idea to let children with Down Syndrome live. Now Trig has become, literally, their poster-child.

If you've known a person with Down Syndrome, you could probably attest to their near-angelic nature. While I can't say I've had extensive experiences, I will say that each encounter has led me to experience something more of the mysterious love that God has for me in Christ Jesus. Their utter openness, compassion for others, and gentleness....

It puts most Christians I know to shame. Since last Sunday's epistle was on letting your love be genuine, let's ask God how he might be giving us another chance to learn a lesson we desperately try to forget.

*p.s. It's still better than uber-moonbat Wendy Doniger is able to manage. I think her work on androgynes has confused her about what actually makes a woman. "Pretense of a woman", indeed!


Viola said...

Thanks Chris,
A good posting. Even if Palin does not become VP she has set a wonderful example about what it means to value life.

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Amen Chris.

Excellent. As usual.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

For great support of children with Downs go to
Barbara Curtiss is a free-lance writer with 4 Downs children (one biological and 3 adopted). She has an amazing story, amazing family. She's an inspiration.

Jerry Grigsby said...

Sarah Palin's "decision" to keep her baby made her a hero to all of us who value the sanctity of human life. The reason I put the word "decision" in quotes is to point out the wonderful thing about Sarah in this case. For her, as well as most of us, is that it WASN'T as decision in the strongest sense of the word; it was a natural act that required no thought. We don't make decisions regarding human life. There are no options. God alone gives life, and God alone takes it away. When God chooses in His absolute sovereignty to bless us with the precious gift of a child, and entrust this life to our care, there are no options but to recieve this precious gift and responsibility in gratitude and praise. So I applaud Sarah and Todd Palin for their unselfish obedience to our Lord.