Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Looking for the Bright Side

Iowahawk reminds us that there is at least one thing for which we can be grateful.

I'm extremely grateful for the positive example that African American males in this country have in BHO. I long for the day when young boys start to idolize a man who worked hard in school (or at least we assume he did, since he graduated...kind hard to say since he has sealed his records. But that's the new transparency he promised, I guess.). I hope that BHO replaces all the miscreant sports stars and rascally rappers that loom large as a ticket to prosperity. If nothing else, BHO has given a booster shot to the ideology of the American dream for a segment of the populace who - either through oppression, complicity, or indolence - had lost sight of how to succeed in a meritocratic system.

I'm also grateful that is a big-enough win that nobody can say their vote wasn't counted. Granted, some votes were counted that shouldn't have been. (What do you expect of the Chicago political machine writ large?) But at least we don't have to put up with some simps saying that the election was taken from them because their vote didn't count.

Now, let's see if Mr. Obama can live up to his promises of change.

And for all our sakes, let's hope he sticks to his promises for a new day better than he stuck to his promises about public funding. (Wait...does this mean we can drop the rhetoric about the Republicans buying elections? Another silver lining!)

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