Friday, March 20, 2009

Gone Fishin'?

According to this Reuters article, more Americans are going fishing.

As Americans forgo expensive vacations, costly dinners and shopping mall splurges, many are opting instead for the quiet simplicity of fishing, according to the sport fishing industry and reports from bait shops and fishermen.

From the icy north to fly-fishing streams in Texas, angling is on the rise. For families, it's an inexpensive outing. Those with a knack for it can trim their grocery bills. And for newly unemployed, it's something to do.

This will preach! The world is finally starting to see the vapidity of most of her pastimes.

HEY CHRISTIANS - Go fishing! (Matthew 4:19)

1 comment:

Rev Dave said...

Considering the cost of fishing equipment, more people taking up fishing might be a more workable economic stimulus than that already in the works. :-)