Tuesday, August 18, 2009

City Council Livonia MI Glenn Moon

This is a video so come to the blog to visit.

Okay...who wrote his speech? Bishop Bizarro?


Suzanne said...

Must remember God loves him, and he's really trying. I agree with his prayer for God to guide him. Amen, brother. May I also seek to understand guidance I don't like.

O Lord, what were you thinking when You entrusted the gospel to *us?* Helpppppp!

Kevin said...

This sort of tripe is what you get when Sola Scriptura goes out the door.

Fr. Chris Larimer said...

It's what you get when grammar goes out the door. I've never heard of anarthrous English!

Anonymous said...

"One nation under God"
"In god we trust"
Let's go Livonia --- as goes Livonia so goes the nation!!

So, Let's go do It.

---So, uh, what is we're to do, again?? Oh yeah, be bigots & pay our officials one dollar & Support our God given economy!! Yeah, do it!!!

Kevin Waterman said...

Pretty sad, but I think the techno remix of his speech might make more sense than the speech itself.