Friday, October 30, 2009


Now the VATICAN has gone the way of the charismaniacs. According to the Telegraph:

The Holy See has warned that parents should not allow their children to dress up as ghosts and ghouls on Saturday, calling Hallowe'en a pagan celebration of "terror, fear and death".

The Roman Catholic Church has become alarmed in recent years by the spread of Hallowe'en traditions from the US to other countries around the world.

I'd be more worried about the spread of clown masses and the proliferation of Marty Haugen / David Haas' tripe, tyvm.

Willikers - get with it. Pope JP-II (electric bugaloo) knew how to get with it.

Earlier this week the Catholic Church in Spain also condemned the growing popularity of Halloween, saying it threatened to overshadow the Christian festival of All Saints' Day.

The Bishop of Siguenza-Guadalajara, Jose Sanchez, said there was a risk that Halloween could "replace Christian customs like devotion to saints and praying for the dead."

Yeah...nothing overturns superstition like...more superstition. Ever been to El Día de los Muertos celebracíon? I'd hardly call it Christian. Ancestor worship comes to mind, though.
Just look at that.

Yessirree. Chock-full to brimmin' with Christianity.

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