Monday, October 12, 2009

Hurts, doesn't it?

Still think you're making sense railing against Israel?


Rev Dave said...

So I'll have to move back to the ancestral lands in New England?

Sara said...

That's funny! I'll volunteer to get back on the boat to Scotland.

Bill Crawford said...

I'm Scotch Irish with a little bit of German so does that mean I have to move back to Ireland or Scottland (where the Crawfords lost their ancestral home and had to move to the highlands later)or do I have to chop off one foot and send it to Germany cut off the other leg send it to Ireland and then ship the rest of me to Scottland where one third of the remainder will be sent to the lowlands and the remaining portion strapped to a sheep to wander around landless in the highlands?

Or maybe I could send all of me to the region of northern France where my ancestors came from before the 1300's

I'm so confused.

Fr. Chris Larimer said...

One look at me and you can tell I'm from Viking stock. Since Norway is still the best place to live, that's where I'm headed.