Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Global Warming farfromproven

fahrfromprovin fahrfromproven farfromprovin climategate

Anybody remember those old Fahrvergnügen commercials?

They spawned a whole industry of cheap t-shirts of German-sounding neologisms:

Fahrfrompoopin - constipated

Fahrfromthinkin - an idiot

Fahrfrompukin - partying

Fahrfromnewgen - old/used

You get the picture. Anyway, I've been thinking of a new word to describe the fiasco over the fake science & data manipulation that has been at the heart of the global warming scam. Here's what I've come up with: FARFROMPROVEN

It's time to face the facts. Anthropogenic global warming isn't's a religion for people with a deficient apocalyptic.

Advent gives us a chance to look at the coming King who will truly baptize the world with Fire, and find Him while he still presents himself in the vulnerability of the incarnation.


genre2u said...

How can you possibly say as a minister of the Gospel that global warming is far from proven? The preponderance of evidence from scientists is that it is here! I realize that there is room for discussion, but with the likes of Sarah Palin debating Al Gore, I just find it incredible that you would lead your flock into another direction! Yes, Jesus is coming soon,but isn't there a moral imperative to be responsible stewards in this world that God has given us? - Herb Daniel, Houston

Fr. Chris Larimer said...

I'm a minister so when I'm in the pulpit I have one thing to talk about: the Gospel. I don't foray into politics or ideology much (if at all) because I'm an exegetical expositor of the Scriptures. I have a blog for the parish where congregants get my official theological musings, etc.

But here on my personal blog I give my personal opinions, backed up as best I know how with external sources.

Global warbling seems to be just that - a preponderance of metanalyses and second-source science from spurious data banks, driven by ideological factors rather than factual observations or repeatable predictive models.