Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Japheth lineal proof?

An interesting study in the Daily Mail reports how Britons (and most Europeans) are descended from a group of migrating farmers out of the area now known as Syria / Iraq. I don't want to branch off into British Israelism or other nonsense, but this is a compelling vindication of Genesis 10 and the table of nations. Ancient Irish genealogies traced themselves back to Gomer (who also was the founder of the germanic peoples).

Japheth is traditionally seen as the ancestor of Europeans, as well as some more eastern nations; thus Japhetic has been used as a synonym for Caucasians. Caucasian itself derives in part from the assumption that the tribe of Japheth developed its distinctive philogenic characteristics in the Caucasus, where Mount Ararat is located. The term Japhetic was also applied by the early linguists (brothers Grimm, William Jones, Rasmus C. Rask and others) to what later became known as the Indo-European language group, on the assumption that, if descended from Japheth, the principal languages of Europe would have a common origin, which apart from Finno-Ugric, Kartvelian, Pontic, Nakh, Dagestan, and Basque, appears to be the case.


backwoodspresbyterian said...

Thanks for this Chris. Fascinating stuff.

Fr. Chris Larimer said...

Somebody has got to put the "mental" in fundamentalist.

Father Robert Lyons said...

Thanks, Padre, for the link! As a Creationist and a believer that Genesis happened as we have it written, this is an interesting bit of information to add to the ole' filing bin in my brain!!!


Dave Moody said...

This sort of stuff- history of lng's- is fascinating. I'd be curious what Debbie B. thinks, as a linguist.