Friday, May 14, 2010

Pretty Much

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Reminds me of Da Vinci's Notebook's Title of the Song


Chris Donato said...

Many of my Reformed friends want to suggest that the Westminsterian "Regulative Principle of Worship" will protect us from such things.

But I demur; that principle is too narrow to be of much good, even for those who try to implement it.

Does the Anglican-Lutheran principle of adiaphora in worship provide a better resistance to the tragedy mocked in this video?

Fr. Chris Larimer said...

I'll say made me indifferent to such pablum!

Actually, I'm not indifferent. I think the modern "come watch us be cool" trend is abysmal. The via media of Anglicanism allowed one to keep practices that were helpful for the formation of a Christian conscience, even if >gasp!< Rome had done it!

Thus, our architecture soars - taking the mind with it. Our buildings have reminders of the faith of ages past, reminding us that the faith is something we inherited and something we pass on (we aren't free to tinker with it).

Chris Donato said...

Sounds good to me!

Fr. Chris Larimer said...

I'm assuming you've read some Darrell Hart stuff? He put me on the path from being a low church presbyterian to becoming a full-blown Anglican!

PS - Thanks for keeping TT up & running. When I was at King College, RC Jr would have us over for Question and Answer sessions at his farm.

Chris Donato said...

Thank you for those kind words. Working on TT is a blast.

I've never been much of a Presbyterian, though I have read plenty of Hart (not least Recovering Mother Kirk). My only involvement with them has always been of the high-church variety. Before that, having married into a Lutheran family, and through that church experiencing it all come together for the first time in my life, jumping head first into Anglicanism just made the most sense.

Fr. Chris Larimer said...

Understood. When I was regenerated, I started reading the Scriptures and they came alive for me. Then, reading the Westminster Confession, I saw so much of what I'd been thinking through "come together" for me. So I went that way - and quickly.

However, when I visited the local Episcopal Church at the behest of a friend, I saw the practical elements of Christianity "come together" with the theoretical - and I was hooked! If it hadn't been for the Robinson blow up, I probably would have entered postulancy in the diocese.