Thursday, December 30, 2010

R. Lee Ermey takes on the Obama Administration

As far as live-tv goes, this is gutsier than Kanye West's snide remarks about President Bush after Katrina. I only have two words:



Anonymous said...

Your picture - Jack Benny impersonation?

Anonymous said...

13 October 1775 - the Congress voted to create a Continental Navy. The Sailors manning (er, ... personing) that Navy immediately get into trouble on liberty. So ..., on 10 November 1775 Congress created a police force for the Navy in the body known as the Marine Corps. However, Congress, in its finite wisdom, decided to recruit solely at Tun Tavern on Water St. in Philadelphia. Two and a half weeks later, on 28 November 1775, the Marines were still in the bar. "What to do?" Congress wondered. And so, on that date, they created a Navy Chaplain Corps. To bring righteousness to the Marine Corps.

Chap KLJ

Anonymous said...

For better or worse, he later publicly apologized.