Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Commenting about REALLY important news

I admit it - I'm too caught up in my own little world to blog about the important issues of the day. (Hey....what do you expect from a blog called Adiaphora?)

Anyway, I've totally missed the defining issue of our time: Paris Hilton in Jail. As my first step towards repentance, I offer this penetrating interview by the Reverend Dr. Steve Brown, Professor of Communications at RTS.

Now I'm off to my prayer closet for 10 hail Anna Nicoles and a latte.

"Hail Anna, full of grease, I am bored with thee; cloying art thou amongst women, and Birkhead is the fruit of thy womb, Dannielynn. Oh-so Scary...."

1 comment:

Stushie said...

Maybe we should establish another breakway movement like the Church of Spiritual Superficiality and Latter Day Celebrities.

We could get Mary Poppins to sing our anthem

Superficial-narcissistic-exegetes atrocious...