Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Take My Life...PLEASE!

Stushie is way too good at hymn parodies for his own sanity (exhibits A and B). Thus, I'm providing an outlet for him here where we keep things indifferent. To start the mix, I propose my rendition of Take My Life (Hendon) in antiphonal response.

Take my wife and let me be,
Distracted by my TV
Through vacation and sick days;
Lord please help me get that raise.
Lord please help me get that raise.
Take my "love," my Lord, I bore.
I'll sleep better without his snore.
In a land where I am free
Divorce costs a tiny fee.
Divorce costs a tiny fee.
Teenage kid
Take my mommy and my dad.
All they do is make me mad.
"Get off MySpace!" "Stop that chat!"
Without them, I'd be called phat.
Without them, I'd be called phat.
Stushie is goint to outdo me on this, but I thought I'd toss in a nugget anyway.


Stushie said...

I just couldn't resist the challenge...


Take PC from USA
Lead us back to yesterday
When we knew what to believe
Safe from those who would deceive
Safe from those who would deceive.

Take my church and property
From a thieving polity
Here I stand in You alone,
Take it all, it is Thine own
Take it all, it is Thine own.

Chris said...

Now that milk shot out my nose from laughing so hard....

I'm with you, Stush. We "conservatives" are fervently expecting the imminent, bodily return of 1955....

Stushie said...

Glad to be of service with your nasal ablutions...

Now here's a challenge - how would Yoda from Star Wars write Psalm 23?

Here's a starter...

My shepherd, the Lord is
Want not shall I
Lie me down in pastures green, He makes
Still waters besides...

BTW, my main daily blog is at've linked my name to the weekly religious news site..

regressivepresby said...

Clever lads.

It'd take me three days to come up with stuff like this.

Chris said...

Fixed the link - thanks for the heads up. In high school, a few of us geeks were watching SW when we noticed that Yoda's syntax follows - in large part - German syntax (with the notable exception of swapping the placement of forms of "be" with the infinite verbs).

Hasn't there already been a version like that, though?