Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pagan Panties in a Wad

The Cerne Abbas giant, a paleolithic fertility carving, is taking a good ribbing from a sex symbol of our own age: Homer Simpson.

This is a publicity stunt to promote the release of the Simpsons Movie, but it's riled some pagans. They've promised to perform some "rain magic" so that the painted image will be washed away for its sacrilege. Hmm...making it rain in jolly old England? IT MUST BE MAGIC! (excuse me...magick or majik or however the fluffbunnies are spelling it now)

They've also demanded that it be removed. Aren't these the same folks that cry "theocracy" every time a Christian complains about the latest NEA-funded masterpiece? Gads...what will they do with this?

(My favorite tagline for this has to be from the Guardian's blogger!)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Shuck will introduce one of their rain dances/spells into worship this Sunday!

Ask him!

Chris said...

Are you kidding? He shuns magical/mythical nonsense like making it rain or turning someone into a frog.

He prefers the grown up fairy tale of a frog turning into a man!

regressivepresby said...

Dang Chris,
Where do you get such nuggets of whit and wisdom? Everytime I look at that picture I laugh... part of me really wants to go see the Simpsons movie- but we've banned the show from the house b/c my 11 yr old is like a media sponge. Ah well...