Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Salvo from the Religion of Peace

A picture that I saw from the Columbia University protests over Ahmadinejad's invitation to speak there sent me into action. Here's a letter I wrote.

I am writing to inform you that one of your employees at the New York branch office has represented your company in a very poor light. And he has also brought shame on my friends who are of Turkish ancestry.

Mr. Burus, a financial analyst with your New York branch office since April, was exercising his right of free speech at a protest on the campus of Columbia University. The protest was organized by students who rejected the presence of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
from Iran, a man who has continually threatened the sovereignty and safety of neighboring countries. Your employee, Mr. Burus, was photographed twice carrying a sign that reads as follows: MAY ALLAH MAKE A MUSHROOM CLOUD OVER 'ISRAEL' He then gives the URL of his website, http://www.al.burus.com/, which is an online resume listing Vakif Bank as his employer.

Here is a shortened version of the URL that should be easy to input so that you can see the pictures yourself: http://tinyurl.com/2m4f2h
The original is: http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2017403380102230180xZLrUy

Mr Burus has the right to speak his mind and believe whatever he wants to believe. However, when he publicly risks your company's reputation, I believe that you owe it to your stockholders to investigate the matter and take action against any possible financial harms he may bring about as a result of his violent statement.

Thanks for being proactive about this. I'll be watching for a notice of his release from employment.

You can let Vakif Bank know what you think about their employee's reprehensible statements.


Stan said...

I want to know why that New York police officer is all smiles behind that sign.

Viola said...

This part of his resume is rather bother-some given his hatred of Israel.

Bogazici University

School of Arts & Sciences, Department of Chemistry,

Assisted to the instructor in the laboratory section of CHEM 102 Course.

Istanbul, Turkey


Marmara Research Center, Department of Chemistry,

Assisted the researchers in Inorganic Chemistry research studies.

Kocaeli, Turkey

Bogazici University

School of Arts & Sciences, Department of Chemistry,

Assisted the instructor in the laboratory section of CHEM 102 course.

regressivepresby said...

You know, I had the same-- uh oh-- thought that Vi did, when I looked at his resume. I had to look twice b/c he's a financial analyst now.

And he's certainly undergone an extreme makeover from the two pics. I wonder if moving to the great satan has pushed him to embrace even more tightly, what he sees as the essence of his faith.

It'll be interesting if his company responds, and what that response will be.

Jim Jordan said...

May Allah make a mushroom cloud over 'Israel'?

Whew, it's a good thing Allah died in 632 AD!

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath...