Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This explains my difficulties with getting the union card...

The 96% comes from not affirming apostolic succession through the laying on of hands. (I believe that it is doctrinal, through continuing in their teaching, since the Twelve aren't recorded as having established officers at all of the churches of the NT letters!)

Your Score: Orthodox.

You are 96% Orthodox.

Congratulations, you know Christianity, but perhaps need to brush up on a couple of points about it.

Link: The Christian Orthodoxy Test written by kingariston
This at least explains why some folks think I have a personality defect of seeking "easy answers." (Which completely ignores my personal history of wrestling with each point of orthodoxy tested herein.)


regressivepresby said...

Easy answers... yeah, the cross...
... thats just so dang easy, ya know?

take care Chris,

Presbyman said...

Oh yes, the CPM is definitely hesitant about you because you are not orthodox enough ... Presbytery committees are so concerned about orthodoxy.

heh heh, thanks for the good laugh.

Chris said...

But John...they are concerned about orthodoxy. Apparently, if you have any convictions (theological - not so much criminal), you're going to have trouble!

Doug Hagler said...

I still think its crazy that you and I seem to have inverse experiences of the PCUSA. It seems, from my perspective, that you are *exactly* what they are looking for, and that it is precisely my theological convictions which get me into trouble. Maybe one of us is just looking at oddball Presbyteries.

Chris said...


The longer I stay in the PC(USA), the more I'm convinced that the last thing they want is someone who is theologically convicted about something. Our convictions should lie in the externals: property, per capita, pensions, the FoG...never in the Book of Confessions or other theological schema.

That's why, regardless of how much I agree with some folks, I have a great deal of respect for them if they are so moved by their beliefs that they'll stick their neck out for them. Wishy washy, middle-class, don't-rock-the-boat religion leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll give the boat-rockers this: they understand that Jesus' gospel is so radical that it demands change!