Friday, February 08, 2008

Weighing in

I should probably talk about something relatively safe, like global warming, gay adoption, or dancing for peace. But, spurred on by my buddy John, I'm gonna stick my foot into the nastiness of the most heinous fight in years:* The Republican Presidential Primary.

I like talk radio, but it has been pretty unlistenable in the past few months. Hours of speculation about electability, personality, and who can out-Reagan whom (even Barak Hussein Obama got in on that one!)'s all pretty stomach churning. But everything in the last few months pales in comparison to the vitriol placed on John McCain.

I'll admit - he's not my favorite. I was for him when he was up against Bush in the 2000 primary. But since then, I've strongly disapproved of several postures he's taken (even when he ended up voting for the right thing). But for Dr. Dobson to come out and publicly vilify the man, then endorse Huckabee... I'm speechless.

McCain is a bit of a maverick. But I thought Dobson knew how to handle strong-willed individuals.

*No - not the UNC-Duke rivalry. I have it on good authority that the Tarheels lost because they'd given up winning for Lent.

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Bill Crawford said...

Back when Edwards (a notorious crook but 4 time governor of Louisiana) rand against David Duke (the former KKK grand dragaon) Edwards was talking to the press about his history and said, "fine you don't like me just hold your nose and vote for the crook" - he won in a landslide.

Do republicans really think they have any options?