Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday is now Mandatory

Today, most of the Latin-derived churches are celebrating Maundy Thursday. The name comes from the Latin word mandatum, which means "command." It refers to the Last Supper, when Jesus said:
"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13)
This isn't a command to "like" one another but to LOVE. He didn't say "tell people that all belief systems are equally salvific as a means of showing how friendly you are" (love means telling them that apart from Christ, they're bound for Hell). It's not a command to seek institutional unity at the expense of truth. It's a command to love as Jesus describes Christian love.

Attention, Church (especially those who have existed as either an implicit or explicit established institution):
Jesus gave us the marching orders, and we need to be on about it.
In other words, sh*t or get off the pot (else you may end up like this poor woman). The legacy churches desperately need to be dethroned. And for you pastors out there: quit letting your lay leaders get away with just sitting around doing nothing. You're only making their inactivity more acceptable. And you are depriving yourself of great joy.

Same thing for you lay leaders: if your pastor isn't feeding you a steady diet of the God's Word, then don't enable them. Demand they hie to the study and come out when they've heard from God. Demand that they lead by example. Don't let a numpty waste your time with fables.


Benjamin P. Glaser said...


I think poo or get of the pot should be the slogan of the new Reformation.

Chris said...

Ben, that's depraved. Then again, when I mentioned TULIP at a seminary wine-and-cheese social and most of the students didn't know what it was, they thought I was bull-sh*tt*ng them that Reformed Theology had existed before Neibuhr and Tillich.

Anonymous said...

Cradle Calvinist here (I forgot my password!)

Ben - Luther would not have said "poo." He would have the used the stronger, four-letter word.

Chris - You know as well as I do that they recognized the T, the U, the I, and the P. It was the L that got them. (And when the time comes, and they go to "L," then they'll know what it means.)

Chris said...

Cradle, neither σkuβαλov nor Scheiß are four letters.

Benjamin P. Glaser said...


Chris said...


Lascivious Old Lutheran?

Livin' in Limitedatonement?

Leaving Outta Lent?

Limericks on Leprechauns?

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

2nd and 3rd one down...

Dave Moody said...


(reformed old... ah heck, I got nothin'...)