Monday, March 10, 2008

Suggested Hymns for the Feast of Palindromes

"Are We Not Drawn Onward, We Jews, Drawn Onward to New Era?" (Tune: Miryrim)
"Don't Nod, Don't Nod" (Tune: Drowsy Baby's Word)
"King, Are You Glad You Are King?" (Tune: Rev. Onan Over)
"May a Moody Baby Doom a Yam" (Tune: See Bees)
"Amen! Enema!" (Tune: Angelum Smulegna)

H/T: Edward Moran


Dave Van said...

I’ve been accused of having way tooo much time on my hands. If this is the “magnum opus” of Mr. Ed Moran I will use it as a guide post for “idle hands”. the palindromic spirit..from” Ed, I hide”....

Chris said...

Hide? Why - is there a dreaded taco cat on the loose?