Thursday, May 08, 2008

Precipitous Climate Change

Unfortunately for the greenie-weenies (the ones who want to strip you of your freedoms under the aegis of representing Gaea) that change is coming in the form of a rapid cool-off of the planet. This is in spite of increased levels of carbon in the atmosphere.

Here's a chart showing the rapid drop:

Why? Some want to say that the anomaly is due to La Nina. Well...that might be part of the answer. But if you really want to see something scary, look at the Sun. It looks like a new-born babe. That's bad, folks. The sun should look like a pimply teenager, dotted with sunspots. And as geophysicist, astronautical engineer, and NASA Astronaut Phil Chapman reports, that's extremely bad news indeed.

An old flame of mine who happens to be a PhD astrophysicist specializing in solar physics has told me that she's concerned about her observations of decreasing solar-magnetic activity. While we had been in an expected cyclical upspike (as documented in Dennis Avery's Unstoppable Global Warming), it's now time to get ready for a mini-ice-age. It's that scary, folks.

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