Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bizarro World...er...church

As requested, I've worked my Photoshop-phu on that Bizarro pic so descriptive of the PCUSA's GAPJC ruling on the Janie Spahr case. (Okay...this wasn't done out of a sense of camaraderie. I was just feeling left out when Holston Presbytery endorsed minister, John Shuck, started name-calling.)

Shouldn't you just go ahead and rename the organization the Presbyterian Smirch?


Bill Crawford said...

and knowing that he's wearing tights under all of that is just too rich!

john mcneese said...

I am comforted knowing that the two of you, chris and Bill, are on your way out of the PCUSA.

Chris said...


Wolves in shepherd's clothing have never dressed better!


I've been out of the PCUSA since January. According to Scripture, any institution that endorses apostasy is Antichrist. When I saw that my local presbytery - whom I trusted to follow the Scriptures - wouldn't discipline adulterous ministers or quell heresy but instead endorsed apostates like John Shuck (who denies Christ's divinity), the scales dropped from my eyes.

I have no permission to seek ministerial credentials from such an institution. 2 John is clear that I am not even to receive such into my house, lest I take part in their evil works. (Though I hold no umbrage toward those who work for the sake of the Gospel therein.)

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Amen Chris.

Craig said...

And to think I named my bolg after him, and I get no mention. I think I'll go pout somewhere. ;)

Chris said...


That's a dubious honor, indeed. Feel free to pout here.