Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can we afford more Americans?

America has the highest rate of abortion in the free world. With everyone feeling the pinch at the pump (even though our economy is still chugging away), I'm sure it will reinvigorate the Malthusian arguments about population control and costs. But can we really afford to care for these children?

It depends on what we're willing to give up. Consider the spending habits of US. consumers:

Peanuts 1 billion/year

(National Peanut Council)

Popcorn 1.2. billion/year

(Nielsen Marketing Research)

Chewing gum 2.3 billion/year

(National Association of Chewing Gum Mfgrs.)

Cookies 3.4 billion/year

(Nielsen Marketing Research)

Potato chips 4.6 billion/year

(Nielsen Marketing Research)

Movie box office receipts 4.8 billion/year

(Academy of Motion Pictures)

Candy 6 billion/year

(Nielsen Marketing Research)

Ice cream 10 billion/year

(International Ice Cream Associations)

Soft drinks 30 billion/year

(EPM Communications)

Restaurant dining 173.8 billion/ear

(National Restaurant Association)

Beer 50 billion/year

(Beer Institute)

Legal gambling 300 billion/year

(Discovery Channel, Cronkite Report)

Pet grooming 175.3 million/year

(Pet Industry Joint Council)

Cat furniture 23.5 million/year

(Pet Industry Joint Council)

Terrarium heaters 37.7 million/year

(Pet Industry Joint Council)

Dog snacks 39.3 million/year

(Pet Industry Joint Council)

Licensed sporting goods 2.2 billion/year

(The Licensing Letter, 1993)

Non-beer alcoholic beverages 39 billion/year

(Beer Institute)

Cosmetic products 27 billion/year

(Drug & Cosmetic Magazine)

Lawn & Garden Products 6.1 billion/year

(Better Lawn & Garden Products)

These suggest that maybe...just maybe... we can manage to take care of children instead of killing them.


Jim Jordan said...

But, no, we'd have to give up beer. :-) Seriously, abortion in America is Exhibit A in showing the US to be just as spiritually immature as every other nation that ever existed. Some call it a "political issue" but any Christian who supports it is not serious about their faith. I don't call anyone "brother" who would kill their own son or daughter.

Chris said...


Please notice that was Non-beer alcoholic beverages. I'd have to give up my G&T or summer Pimms... you could keep swilling cheap domestic, though. ;)

You're absolutely right on the morality of this issue. I think it has worked its way into the American Psyche in ways that, while predictable, were still not completely foreseen (and aren't widely acknowledged...yet).

It's like anti-semitism in German theological scholarship. Nobody saw anything wrong with it until it had worked itself out in the 1930s. By then, it was too late to stop the train wreck.

The question for you and me is this: How much longer will we be silent? Let other people (including gov't) fight this battle for us? When will we band together with other Christians and say: give us your unwanted pregnant women. We will feed them, house them, clothe them, love them, and - if needed - take care of their babies.

That's when we'll actually have a turnaround to this scourge. Right now, though, it's too easy to make it an issue of legislation so that somebody else can deal with it. When it moves from policy to piety, God will do an amazing thing in our day.

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Amen Chris.