Thursday, August 28, 2008

Putting the MESS in Messiah

Would somebody please sic the Americans United for Separation of Church and State on these guys?

Oh wait...they're only concerned if someone believes that Jesus is the Messiah.


Kevin said...

You know, other than the nauseating co-opting of eccelisiastical language this "prayer" demonstrates how the DNC will self-destruct in November.

First, while they insist that BHO's candidacy is not about race, race in fact is all it is about.

Second, the religious community is probably not going to want its language used in this way. The whole song begs the question of "to whom is the prayer being directed?" I think it is to BHO.

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


Right on about race.

Particularly ironic since we're 45 years to the day from MLK's speech!

Red_Cleric said...

I disagree. It seems to me to carry over the idea of "A City Set on a Hill" which was pretty much all about America as the hope for the world.

I think it's very good viral advertising. There's a good cross section of people and its not bad music.

I will agree the Church [capital C] should be concerned with the language but most Americans will wholly embrace the thought of linking the "American Prayer" with the "Great American Dream"

Is the nomination about race? Maybe. If Hillery had been nominated would the pundits been saying "it is all about gender?" I imagine so. This is from a fat, white, straight, protestant male, just because they are different doesn't mean that's what the focus is.

Go back to 1968 and RFK. He was the same sort of visionary and personality of Obama but white. IMHO I think Obama is the man of the hour and McCain is going to have to work to beat him in November.


Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


It's GREAT viral advertising. The Obama machine has set a new standard for campaigning.

The difference between this and Reagan's "city on a hill" is that the latter focused on the issue and the greatness of our nation. Obama's supporters focus on him and the issues stay suppressed.

I am sincerely frightened by this man's political views - especially his vehement opposition to any limit on abortion (even the kinds of limits that most of Europe employs), his Marxist rhetoric and ties to Marxist activists, and his naivete in the face of outspoken evil.

I think those fears are shared by more and more informed Americans. With the animosity and malaise towards and within the GOP, the election should be all but over. However, McCain and Obama are in a dead heat - and I don't think racism or ageism is the driving factor.

Dave Moody said...

This seems to show, that at heart- human beings really are all about worshipping something. This impulse is not bad- from it comes music, art- everything that distinguishes humans as transcedently different- pushing us beyond nature- red in tooth and claw- able to follow Lincoln's 'better angels of our nature.'

However, the worship impulse has only one proper person- the one who put it there. Any other object is idolatry. Putting the MESS in messiah is indeed what we do as human beings. Some, apparently those in Denver this week, are just more naive in their fallenness. Not more guilty, just more naive in that fallen-ness.