Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is best in life?

If you ask Conan the Barbarian what is best in life, he'll give you a straight answer.

He couldn't be more wrong.

What is better than that is to bring your children into the household of faith by covenant baptism.

Presenting Lillianah Kathryn-Marie and Elias Zebulun Larimer - born anew of water and the word (John 3:5) on the Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle & Evangelist (Sept. 21, 2008).

"...here Christ is speaking of baptism, of real and natural water such as a cow may drink, the baptism about which you hear in the sermons on this subject. Therefore, the word water does not designate affliction here; it means real, natural water, which is connected with God's word and becomes a very spiritual bath through the Holy Spirit or through the entire Trinity. Here Christ also speaks of the Holy Spirit as present and active, in fact, the entire Holy Trinity is there. And thus the person who has been baptized is said to be born anew. In Titus 3:3 Paul terms baptism 'a washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit.' In the last chapter of Mark we read that 'he who believes and is baptized will be saved.' (Mark 16:16.) And in this passage Christ declares that whoever is not born anew of the water and the Holy Spirit cannot come into the kingdom of God. Therefore, God's words dare not be tampered with."
Martin Luther's Sermons on the Gospel of Saint John, Vol. 22, p. 283.)


Anonymous said...

Major Congrats Chris!!!

#2 thing that scares me about Pastoral ministry. I am deathly afraid of dropping a baby. Even after having two of my own.

Tim said...

My, how times change. Now "Conan" would probably say, "To drive incompetent Democrats out of office, to try and save California [still never quite pronounced properly] from bankruptcy, and to hear the soothing voice of Maria encouraging me."

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


If it happens, just tell'em that you decided to do an immersion based on the notoriety of the parents' sinfulness.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Chris you owe me a new monitor!!!

I just spewed Red Kool-Aid all over my Acer!!!

You have a way with words good man.


Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

To be both pastoral and theological, you would quickly explain that you meant their (and our) First Parents.

Dave Moody said...

I agree Chris,

but crushing your enemies skulls runs a close second...

congrats Chris,

Anonymous said...

Hey this is GREAT! I'm very thankful for God's provision for you and your ministry.

It couldn't have happened to a better saved sinner! ;)

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

Coming from the wickedest man to be saved by grace, I'll take that as a complement!