Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Obama promises to provide openness in his presidential administration. Yet we don't have a real copy of his birth certificate, his health records are hidden, his academic records at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law are all closed (including his thesis).

So much for openness.

So to get an idea of what he means when he says "spread the wealth" let's hear what he's said in the past:

Did you catch that?
  • Supreme Court is too bound by the U. S. Constitution.
  • We need to make legislative and administrative changes to force redistribution of wealth.
  • It's not a question of if/whether, but HOW!!!
Did you expect anything less from the most liberal senator to run for president?

I'm tingling like Chris Matthews...but I think it's actually a chill running up my spine!


Landon Whitsitt said...

One should acknowledge that neither senator has been terribly forthcoming about their health records.

And while there is no logical reason that I can see for the sealing of his academic records, the point has been repeatedly made that there is a copy of his legitimate birth certificate available:


Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

If something that badly photoshopped passes muster with any newspaper, then journalism is dead. Notice the bleed through 2007 stamp?

Go to http://obamacrimes.com where you'll find a legal challenge to his status as a US citizen, along with the repeated failures to submit the simple evidentiary documents. This shouldn't be an issue. Hand the documents over and silence the critics. But instead, this evasive crap continues.

Did you know that Kenya has sealed their records on the Obama family until after 11/04/08? And that Raila Odinga (Kenya's PM) is indebted to Obama for American fundraising during his own political rise?

Why all the secrecy, Landon? There is no reason to hide something this easily refuted.


Reformed Catholic said...


there are a few things I really don't like about the Democratic campaign this year, but some of the rumors going around are just not true.

The birth certificate does say have a bleed through of Nov 2007, because its a certified copy of the birth certificate, and that's when it was requested. Even the form says that its a copy, and the form is dated from Nov 2001.

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


Precisely - so why not go ahead and produce the original? This is what an authentic full-report birth certificate looks like. Why not end all speculation and produce one? If he's lost it, just say "I lost it...we moved around a lot."

The problem, then, is that he can still get an authenticated photocopy that will bear a raised seal from the registrar of the Hawaii county.


Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

PS - here's a comparison of a requested computer print out of the short form WITH SEAL.