Thursday, October 23, 2008

ProChoice Hotels

Clarion Hotels - a family of hotels owned by the Choice Hotels international network - is now offering a discount to victims clients of the Cherry Hill Abortion Mill Women's Center.

Got an upcoming vacation? Business trip looming on the horizon? Church retreat? Let the manager know that you won't be staying at:
until such time as you know your money won't go toward having second trimester abortions.


Tim said...

Brother, you don't know how welcome this expose is. We are hosting a presbytery meeting next spring, and I am just about to begin the process of looking for hotels to recommend for the presbyters to stay. I noticed that nice little Clarion Inn at Hurstborne and I-64 just yesterday. Won't be recommending that one now.

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

Make sure you tell them - and the manager - why.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris!!!

will said...


What an odd marketing choice. Usually businesses try to maintain neutrality. What could have prompted this?