Monday, October 20, 2008

Obaminable Record

Obama never met an expansion-of-abortion bill he didn't like. He is extreme on an issue that is of great importance to a large swathe of Americans.

Unborn babies don't worry about economies. They have few concerns about trade arrangements. And they aren't particularly interested in borders.

I care about all of those things and more. But I can't even begin to care about them until I care about stopping the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies. I know there are some who bemoan the evangelical prolife movement as an overly-narrow single-issue voter turnout. However, I see it more as a foundation from which all other values speak. No one would dare call an anti-poverty agenda "single-issue." Let's demand a full-orbed respect for the anti-abortion agenda as well.

(And let's go further, evangelicals, by making sure that we are taking anti-abortion measures on multiple fronts: legislative, social, economic, educational, etc.)


Tim said...

Thanks for posting this.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Fantastic video. Thanks

will said...

I'm kind of amazed that people don't try to distance themselves from Sanger. I mean, she was so blatant about what she was trying to do - and viewing the intervening history makes it look like she is succeeding in her genocidal goals.