Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Partying Presbyters?

I normally try to keep Wednesdays focused on worship, but this just came across my desk. I guess it can tie into the ordination vows and examination taken (pp. 531-532 of the BCP).

Mr. Malia - a priest in the Bethlehem diocese - has been removed from office over his night-clubbing and flagrant party-spending. The bishop has done what countless committees fail to do - correct bad behavior. This is part of why I think that our postmodern age has realized a time for the return of episcopacy. Let's see what happened:
Driving from distant Wilkes Barre, Pa. - where bedtimes are early and life is slow - Malia would arrive in clubland and shell out thousands of dollars in tips, send bottles of Dom Perignon [ed. roughly $3,500] to fellow clubgoers and squire cocktail waitresses around town on shopping sprees.
What do you want to bet that he preached regularly against rich people spending their money on themselves while there are Millennium Development Goals to be done?
"The facts as reported would be a remarkable departure from normal standards of modest living to which the Gospel calls us," [Bishop] Marshall said.
I wish Mr. Malia well in his remaining line of employment, which may not last long either. I also hope that he will use this as an occasion for repentance and re-evaluation of his baptismal covenant. Perhaps he can even be restored to office? (Hey...Peter was, and don't forget it!)

But for now, thank you Bishop Paul, for being a faithful overseer of the undershepherds.

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