Thursday, July 02, 2009

No Cat Stabbing in Church

A therapeutic cat was stabbed in a Vancouver church. He was, of course, brought up on charges and plead guilty to animal cruelty.

The judge's report said that back-stabbing (especially of the pastor) is still allowable under state law.

h/t Naked Pastor for graphic


Aric Clark said...

Wow. wtf?

Was the kitty wounded for the guy's transgressions? By the kitty's stripes have people been healed?

Adrienne said...

Oh Sheesh - I see your comment on Father Erik's blog and mosey on over to check you out and am confronted with that picture of the poor kitty. I can't stand seeing animals hurt.

That being said - your blog looks interesting and I'll be back (but could you maybe stick to pictures of flowers or sunsets?