Friday, March 09, 2007

10 Things the Process/Open Theism God might say

(Why I Am Not An Open Theist)

1) Oops!
2) I think this will work.
3) Wow – I won’t do that again.
4) Uh-oh.
5) Huh?
6) There’s always plan B, C, D, E, ....
7) Let me get back to you on that...
8) Whoa! I didn’t think you’d do that.
9) C’mon, c’mon, c’mon – YES! I love it when a plan finally comes together.
10) Dude – no way! (exclamation of incredulity upon learning something new and unexpected)


Anonymous said...

Two more:

Local option

Unity in diversity

Chris said...

No, no Toby.

That's the Constitutional Process God...and She only does Her work behind closed doors.

Bayou Christian said...

too funny!

How about, "darn Crawford (or your name)is falling down on the job again now I've got to start all over again with a new guy (or gal).

Aric Clark said...

he he... funny stuff. This all sounds like a good reason to be a process thinker - what an engaging God! ;)

Chris said...

"engaging" indeed. Just be sure that this fickle groom doesn't change his mind about making you his Bride, Aric.