Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holston Heretics

John Shuck, a Nicodemite MoWaS in my presbytery of care, has made the bold claim that fundamentalism (of the "Jesus got up bodily from the dead" type) is a heresy and that orthodoxy has never made the claim of a carnal resurrection.

Thus, I've asked him to take me to court and let us see who the church deems heretical. Here's my response:

Fundamentalism is a heresy? Orthodox faith never claimed a bodily resurrection?

Do you say this out of ignorance or resistance?
Tell you what, John. How about you put me on trial at the June presbytery for being a fundamentalist. In turn, I'll ask you to defend your position on the physical resurrection of Jesus. You can even go first.

It'll be great! (You did enjoy Gawain and the Greene Knight, didn't you?)


Pittsburgh Theological Seminary's Logos said...

Hopefully he will take you up on the offer. It is about time we start taking serious theology.

Chris said...

I wish! But if he doesn't take the claims of Christ seriously, what's he going to do with the claims of Chris?

I'm just deeply ashamed that my presbytery turns a blind eye to what's being done in Elizabethton. There are so many children that are being inoculated against the Gospel. The older folks, I imagine, have had the chance to hear and rejected. It's those youngsters that I pray for the most.

But we serve a sovereign God. The Lamb that was slain will receive the reward of His suffering! And there are plenty of Bible-believing Christians with whom the Father can ordain contacts for those kids (and the adults).

Bayou Christian said...

charge him with heresy.

no really.

Chris said...

Can I do that? As a lowly member (well...deacon), I can't bring a charge except through a session. The session that "oversees" my preparation is in shock over the loss of a pastor. I couldn't ask them to do that (not that I think they would, anyway).

Is there another procedural path?