Friday, March 09, 2007

Discovering Divine DNA

Okay...they've tested the DNA of the Talbiot tomb and found that the woman named Mariamene and the man they claim is named Joshua (the name is scratchy and hard to make out) are not related on their mother's side. Big whoop.

If the skeptics want me to believe that it's really Jesus of Nazareth, they're going to have to show one convincing bit of evidence: haploidy. Of course, if he's really virgin-born would we even be seriously considering that his bones would be on earth?


Anonymous said...

And we would also have to ask tricky questions like, "Did he get that brown hair from his mother's or Father's side?"

I don't know if we would want an answer to that one...

Chris said...

I think hair that is as white as wool runs on his Father's side.