Monday, May 07, 2007

Come thou what?

I'll admit it...I long to be the Weird Al Yankovic of Church music but I'm just not talented enough. That's why I'm enlisting your aid. Help me be the melodical satirist I think I am. Here's a starter:

Come, thou Fount of every blessing
Give me what I want today.
Entertainment never ceasing
Paths of comfort line my way.
Not a song penned by some geezer;
Sung in days of hymn and chant;
But a sure-fire people pleaser,
That will make the elders rant.

I leave it to you talented musicians and lyricists to complete the hymn. When we're finished, I fully expect this to become the next great classic of the faith and be included in The Presbyterian Hymnal v. 2.1.


Bayou Christian said...

fun stuff but I'll leave the work to others - I'm just not a hymnist!

Chris said...

Would that make you a hernist?

Charlie M said...

Ah, yes, cleaning up the classics. Very clever lyrics. Will you wrap it in old newspaper, rap it with MTV's latest star, or shall we rap your knuckles for messing with a classic?.
Charlie M. from Bristol

Stushie said...

Don't delay with what we're asking,
Give us well and give it now.
Help us with our multi-tasking,
Don't dare have a sacred cow!
We're the ones at the center
Of the cosmos, don't forget;
You've to be the Great Augmentor
Of the things we want to get!

Chris said...

Beautiful second verse, Stushie! Leave it to the Scots from East TN to ballad on....

regressivepresby said...

Stushie rocks!

Anonymous said...

Isaac Watts would be proud...

Bur you're no Fanny Crosby!


Chris said...

Heck, I'm hardly even a fan-of Crosby!

Mark said...

As in Crosby, Stills, and Nash?


In Christ,