Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CPE - An Essential of the Faith

Back in November, I received a letter from the Presbytery Committee that oversees my candidacy for ordination: Complete a unit of CPE (and magically pay to feed, house, and insure your family while you're doing that instead of working) or be removed from the process.

Apparently, in Holston Presbytery, the essence of Reformed ministry is CPE and stuff like resurrection, or inspiration and authority of the Scriptures, or the Trinity are just, well, adiaphora.

God, where are You calling me to go? I'll follow...if You'll give me bread for the journey.

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Rev. Brian Carpenter said...

I'm sorry, Brother. I know this has been a long running battle for you.

Honestly, I think you're better off in the long term. Short term, things could be quite challenging. I'll pray for you.