Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Please Stand for the Processional

I had no idea that the Imperial March could be so worship-inspiring. I don't know how I'll cope. Was anyone else aware that Chad Vader was now in orders?

BTW, these are some sort of Scandinavian Lutherans. They're the only ones who wear the chasuble with a surplice, and that distinctive neck ruffle.


Anonymous said...

Cradle Calvinist (I know, I have the link for my password - I just haven't used it yet)

Anyway, these are probably Norwegians. There's one license plate visible in the picture. Denmark and Norway both use 2 letters and 5 numbers on their tags, but Denmark's plate has a red outline. Denmark and Sweden use yellow plates. This one appears to be white, and has no red outline. Therefore ....

The Rover is also a clue. They tend, because they are real gas guzzlers, to be less common in the EU, and Norway isn't a member of the EU because they don't want to give up their North Sea oil money to the bureaucrats in Brussels.

Chris said...

I was hoping someone would be able to pick up little details like that. I tried to magnify the street sign and get a read off the alphabet, but to no avail.

So...do you have your GA Fall Out shelter stocked and supplied, yet?

will said...

"do you have your GA Fall Out shelter stocked and supplied, yet?"

Little late to start now, no?