Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Peace-loving Iran at it again

Iran is now sabre-rattling about its "newest weapon" for strikes at sea. Some people want to say that Iran is a peace-loving country (and I'm sure her people are), and that the nuclear facilities they hid from the world for nearly two decades are for peaceful energy purposes (in a country with enough oil and natural gas to see it through the next century or more, given steady growth). I find that naive, based on the escalation of tensions - largely on the part of Iran - in the region.

And I'm sure the current ramp-up in weapons testing and chest-beating is just part of its face-saving, non-violent, peaceful attempts at proclaiming their sovereignty and cultural distinctiveness...right? Give me a break!

The sooner this threat is unmasked and declawed, the better it will be for her own people and for the world. Pray that it can be done peacefully, without resort to open warfare. Their government has ready made plain their plans.


Rachel Baker said...

I like the post and links...

So what if Iran has nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union had over 40,000 nukes and we had peaceful negotiations with them. There is no need to be hasty and jump into a war with Iran.

Chris said...

An atheistic Soviet Union has a lot to lose in this world if they attack (b/c of mutually assured destruction). Iranian whack-jobs (not necessarily the majority of the people, but the majority of the political and religious power-holders) believe they have heaven to gain if we nuke'em in retaliation. Of course, Allah wouldn't let our filthy, jew-loving, holocaust-affirming h-bombs get near'em... right?

Rachel Baker said...

The war on terror is false. It has been sold to as a package of lies. 9-11 was an inside job. Check it out by watching this video and visitng the East TN Campaign for Liberty for awesome links about it.

Chris said...


9-11 was not an inside job. You can say we had no business in Iraq, and there'd be plenty of support from lots of good sources. You and I can disagree on that - though you might be surprised.

You can also say that what is happening off our soil isn't our concern and we need to pull out. I'd call that ludicrous because of the threat to the world economy if oil production is significantly disrupted. But again, it's something we can sanely disagree on.

However, this lie that 9-11 was an inside job has been discredited by every reputable source - from journalists to engineers (not just a guy with an engineering degree but numerous faculties of engineering at prestigious universities). I've watched ZeitGeist - and its rebuttal. It is, in the words of one observer, internet idiocy.

Rachel Baker said...

"As yet another example, consider the Internet campaign which insists that "Black Hussein Osama" is really a Muslim operative who wants to bring down the United States from the inside out. They've cleverly mined quotes and images to make it appear as though Barack Obama disrespects our flag and, with it, our country."

LOL, this one shoots your theory out the water as well. You are the one that made the assertion on my blog that Al-Queda would love it if Obama wins presidency.

What can you say about the evidence (video footage) offered on this site about 9-11?

Rachel Baker said...

Basically it sounds like you are saying you are for world dominance by an elite group as opposed to national soverignty between country-states.

"discredited by every reputable source"...so just because they are reputable they speak with authority about the truth? I seen the lies on some of the shows they put on mainstream TV such as the one they showed on the History channel. I'll have to look it up but I remember they used the same couple of engineers and scientists throughout the whole movie.

Chris said...


Evidence without the ability to correctly interpret it is problematic. That's what Paul was talking about in Romans 1:18 et seq. I notice that the majority of the engineers who are calling for a retraction of the official explanation are Electrical Engineers (BSEE), Chemical Engineers, and Computer engineers. Many of them only have a BS.

That would be like me calling for a substantial translation of the Quran since I have a degree in religion and have studied a semitic language - even though I know very little about Classical Arabic.

As for BHO, I don't think he's a Muslim agent...that was cooked up by HRC and her cronies. I do think he's a little Marxist who will march our country to economic and military defeat in numerous sectors. Besides...I'm just an easily baited bigot who is always suspicious of black men asking for change.

Rachel, you would do well to take some time building a coherent epistemology. Yes...people that are authorities in a field should be h listened to with greater reliance than those who aren't.