Friday, February 13, 2009


NB: If you're reading this via facebook, you'll need to open the entry in full. Non-textual media almost never come through, and this post requires it.

Watch'em swoon!

Maybe it's because they aren't getting enough fact in their diet?

h/t ModernCounterCulture


Viola Larson said...

Chris, you don't have to post this comment but I find the line on the bottom of that box extremely offensive, "Toasted 'whole' minority flakes."!!

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...


I'm sorry about that. Frankly, I found it off the mark, too. However, I didn't feel I had the freedom to change it since it's not my intellectual property. And the "low-fact" gag was just too spot-on.

Madas said...

I am the author of Modern Counterculture and I'm glad that you appreciated the Wheaties box. The comment regarding the minority flakes is not meant to be offensive. We wanted to completely redo the box and leaving whole wheat flakes didn't fit in very well. Naturally its satirical and such things should always be taken with a grain of salt.