Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He is heavy and he's my brother

This friar has a habit of ROCKING OUT!!!!

Friar Cesare Benizzi is a 60-something Capuchin whose apostalate has led him to be a missionary in Africa's Ivory Coast and now a mendicant preacher in Italy. Fifteen years ago, or so, he saw Iron Maiden and loved the energy in the music.

Ever since that time, he's been looking for ways to incorporate heavy metal into his ministry. Let's just say that the Novus Ordo never sounded so bad.

Hey...he could have turned out to be one of those emerjerk types that just wants to soften everything up. I'm kinda glad he with with a more... ahem, hardline approach.

I'll bet praying the daily office with this guy would be a total hoot...

Oh yeah...the name of his band is Fratello Metallo.

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